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Learning outcomes

Thinking Through, and By, Visualising :

Initially, students worked in groups and were tasked with writing and solving original word problems that would require the use of their division skills. The group captain was responsible for composing the word problem, while other group members solved the problem and analyzed the remainder. In preparation for making the instructional video, students were introduced to Aww App. The digital whiteboard allowed students the opportunity to practice solving problems on their Chromebook. The first day students spent time simply exploring Aww App and the available tools.

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The initial problems solved were generated by the teacher and students used applicable tools to solve the problem and justify their thinking. Aww App provides students with the ability to add text, images, and their own annotations with drawing and shape tools. Students utilized different tools throughout their exploration depending on need. Screencastify was used to create the final recording of their instructional video.

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Have you ever had this happen with a student? Manipulatives are awesome, but math students need to learn to visualize what numbers mean in their heads as well. Here are four teaching strategies from experts that teach that important skill. The next step is to help students store those visual images in their brains.

Ask them to touch numbers on the number line at different intervals. Ask them to find Ask them to count by 10s.

Visualizing Mathematics with 3D Printing

As the students engage in these activities, they will build a visual image of the number line and the numerals that are part of the number line. Now, remove the manipulatives and have your students do the same tasks; this time, imagining the numbers and cubes as they count. Source: Pinterest. Sure, there are number lines in your textbook.

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But how about one that your students can walk on! With a number line, students see and learn the sequence and pattern of numbers in our number system.

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They see what number comes after 5 and what number comes before 5. They see what the number 15 has in common with the number Building a number line on the floor gives students the opportunity to interact with the numbers in a tactile way, which helps them visualize the numbers and their values, even when the number line is gone.

You can even play number-line-inspired games, like this one where children roll a die to move a butterfly along a flower path. Source: Mom Inspired Life. She encourages teachers to work with students using the giant number line in the hallway.

Thinking Through, and By, Visualising

Source: Dunlap Grade School. It might sound surprising, but actually giving kids the answers as you help them learn the facts is a strategy that works well for some children.

Asking the child to create a visual image of a math problem complete with answer and then re-create that problem visually, even with your example gone, can help facilitate fact recall. To do this, show your students the side of the flash card that has the answer. Ask your students to see the card in their imagination.